The microform collections in the State Library of NSW consist of roll microfilm (both 16mm and 35mm) and microfiche (sheets of film, 15 x 10.5 cm, with frames of information in a grid pattern). Staff will assist clients in the use of microforms on the available viewing equipment.

In order to preserve frail, original materials from deterioration through repeated handling by clients and staff, microform copies have been made of a wide range of published and unpublished Library materials. When items held in the Library have been microfilmed for preservation reasons, clients will be issued with the microfilm or microfiche copies when the copied items are requested.

Microforms have also been acquired of material held in other institutions and in private hands, both in Australia and overseas, when these supplement the Library’s holdings. The Mitchell Library for example, holds on microfilm some significant Australian and Pacific documents copied from the originals held in Spanish, French and Italian archives.

In addition to searching the Library’s card catalogues, if the microform is of printed material it will be listed in the online catalogue of published materials; if it is of original materials, it will be listed in the online manuscripts and pictures catalogue.

Some specific microfilming projects

The Mitchell Library has also acquired extensive holdings of microfilms through the following three projects:

Other collection strengths include:

Many newspapers and other journals are available on microfilm, e.g.:

Microforms can readily facilitate the supply of further copies to clients, copyright permitting. From existing preservation microfilm reels, further client copies can generally be generated in the form of duplicate microfilms, paper copies and digital (CD/DVD) copies. For ordering details see Microform orders and sales.

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