4 June 2014

Important information about the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)

The State Library has relied on external funding to operate LIAC. We have recently been advised that this funding is no longer available.

While this decision is extremely disappointing, the Library remains committed to this valuable community service. We will ensure that quality legal information is provided to NSW communities through the public library network, the dedicated website and through working collaboratively with key agencies. The following changes will take effect after 27 June 2014.

Accessing legal information at the State Library of NSW

Legal information inquiries

• The Library’s specialist legal information service point will not continue after 27 June 2014. However, reference librarians in the State Reference Library will respond to legal information inquiries as part of the Library’s general reference services provided to all clients.

• For telephone inquiries about the Library’s legal information and resources, call (02) 9273 1414. You may also contact LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529. This free government telephone service provides legal information, referrals and, in some cases, advice for people who have a legal problem in NSW.

HSC Legal Studies support

• Specialist support for HSC Legal Studies students and teachers will not continue after 27 June 2014, but will be integrated into the Library’s HSC support programs.

• The specialist HSC Legal Studies research guides will still be available on the Library’s Research Guides web pages. However, they will no longer be updated.

Law collections & legal research guides

• Our extensive law collection in the State Reference Library will be maintained and accessible to all clients seven days a week.

• A suite of legislation, case law, parliament and government research guides are being developed to assist clients to locate current and historical material held by the Library.

Accessing legal information online and at your public library

• The Find Legal Answers website will be maintained by legal information specialists to provide access to plain English legal information.

• Public libraries will continue to provide legal information to their local communities, supported by the State Library through the Find Legal Answers Tool Kit and website.

• The State Library will continue to work collaboratively with public libraries, key government agencies and community service providers to provide access to plain English legal information with a focus on supporting economically and socially disadvantaged people.

The Library is working with staff, public libraries and other important stakeholder groups to ensure equitable access to quality legal information continues for the people of NSW.

21 February 2014

Library sound recordings featured in ABC Mary Poppins documentary

Precious sound recordings held by the State Library of NSW of 1960s interviews with P L Travers, creator of Mary Poppins, have been featured in the ABC documentary The Real Mary Poppins released to coincide with the film Saving Mr Banks.

The biographical documentary gives further insight into the complex life of this enigmatic author and the Library’s interviews with Travers herself enhance the film's authenticity.

These recordings were included in a manuscripts and pictures collection that the Library purchased in 1989 and have recently been digitised under the Library’s Digital Excellence Program. The eight fragile reels were converted to digital sound using the highest technical standards.

These recordings were also highly valuable to the BBC during research for their own documentary special about PL Travers, The Secret Life of Mary Poppins.

Listen to an extract from a 1966 radio interview with Travers on how she felt about Disney’s interpretation of Mary Poppins.

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