26 February 2015

​​Add to our collection this election

​​As ​we head to the polls for the 2015 ​NSW ​State election the State Library​ ​wants your help​ building its collection of election ephemera.

By ​contributing your election material to the State Library’s collection you will ​be helping to ensure a comprehensive record of the election is kept for the people of New South Wales, now and ​in the ​future.

​​Send your:
How to vote cards
T shirts
Mail outs

Election Ephemera
State Library of New South Wales
Macquarie Street

We are also collecting the websites and Twitter discussions of the parties, candidates​ and interest groups​.​

If you have a suggestion for a website or Twitter discussion we should collect, email:

You can keep up to date on our collecting efforts by following the conversation at #electcollectnsw

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26 February 2015

Create in NSW: The NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework

Following extensive sector and community consultation, Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts, Troy Grant have just announced the Create in NSW:  NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework.

Create in NSW is a 10 year framework with a vision for a future in which arts and culture are central to the life of our State.  It is a platform for our arts and cultural sector, our communities and our business and government partners to collaboratively shape our cultural future.

Built on three mutually reinforcing ambitions – excellence, access and strength – Create in NSW will guide future strategy, investment and partnerships to grow a thriving, globally connected arts and cultural sector with and for the people of NSW.

Download the full policy framework here

In 2015, Arts NSW will tour to selected metropolitan and regional locations to introduce the NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework to the arts community. To be kept in the loop with the latest updates, please subscribe to the Arts NSW e-News. If you have any questions regarding the policy framework, please email or follow the discussion on twitter @ArtsNSW via #createinnsw

19 February 2015

And the winner of ​#DigitiseMySuburb is....​

WoolloomoolooIn early January we asked you to vote on the historical subdivision plans we should digitise next.​ ​Since then we have received over 730 tweets asking us to ​​#DigitiseMySuburb.

After careful counting we are now ready to announce the winner​!​

Congratulations Woolloomooloo!

​The subdivision plans for Woolloomooloo will be next in line for digitisation. ​There are over 150 plans in this collection which will be digitised and made available online in ​the coming month.

​Due to the overwhelming response received, the Library has also decided to prioritise the second and third most voted suburbs: Parramatta and Chippendale.

​Thank you to all who participated in ​​​#DigitiseMySuburb and congratulations to the winning suburbs.

The Library's entire collection of 40,000 historic subdivision plans from over 250 suburbs and towns in NSW will be gradually digitised alphabetically and made available online over the next few years.

For more information, see our media release.

17 December 2014

Help transcribe our World War 1 diaries

The State Library of NSW has released 50,000 pages of digitised World War One diaries for the public to transcribe. This unique collection of soldiers’ intimate accounts of war has been included on the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Register.

Having just completed the major digitisation of its entire collection of World War One diaries and letters, 180,000 pages, made possible through the support of the NSW Government, the Library has launched its very own purpose built transcription tool.

“The State Library has for a long time relied on its dedicated volunteers who have worked to transcribe over 700 diaries to date. Now, with this new tool, we are turning to the wider community for help so that we can provide global access to this extraordinary content,” said Alex Byrne, NSW State Librarian & Chief Executive.

“We are seeking the community’s support in the important task of transcribing our diaries and letters to help unlock the compelling stories held within them.”

According to Elise Edmonds, the State Library’s World War One curator, “This important crowd sourcing project will introduce participants to the day to day experiences of the Australian men and women who served in the war, and help bring their tales of adventure, heartache and bravery to a global audience.

“The story of the ‘Great War’ cannot be fully understood without reference to these very personal and moving firsthand accounts,” said Ms Edmonds.

Learn more about transcribing or view our full media release