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Staff Event Date/location Title of paper/presentation
Robin Phua CeBIT Global Business Technology Event

5–7 May 2015
6 May 2015 Sydney Olympic Park

"Will Cloud Computing Help the State Library of New South Wales as a Centre of Digital Excellence?" (PDF 1.51 MB)

David Berry Generations Meeting Across Time
14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy & Heraldy
27-30 March

Tracing your ancestors in the digital age: the digitisation of collections at the State Library of NSW (PDF 664kb)

or PowerPoint presentation (PDF 8.15 MB)


Staff Event Date/location Title of paper/presentation
Mylee Joseph & Kathryn Barwick with Cecile Paris & Stephen Wan
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
VALA Biennial Conference 3-6 February
Hunters and collectors: seeking social media content for cultural heritage collections (PDF 298kb)
Simon Cootes VALA Biennial Conference 3-6 February
Marking up NSW: Wikipedia, Newspapers and the State Library (PDF 282kb)
Maggie Patton Digital Humanities Australasia 2014 18-21 March
A Great War story: creating a digital future for the European War Collecting Project
Kate Hughes Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) Symposium Book, Paper and Photographic Materials Conference 7-9 May
Paper and pigments of First Fleet era Natural History Watercolours (PDF 1.7mb)
Elise Edmonds The Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (POPCAANZ) 5th annual international conference 18-20 June
Their own voices: diaries from the Great War (PDF 195kb)
Vicki McDonald IFLA Satellite Meeting 12-14 August Adapting library spaces to enable collection engagement by diverse audiences (PPT 7.5mb)
Vicki McDonald ALIA Biennial Conference 18 September
From format to function: acheiving transformational change (PPT 3.2mb)
Jerelynn Brown NSW Public Libraries Conference 11-14 November Libraries reflecting communities: digitising NSW newpapers (PDF 372kb)


Staff Event Date/location Title of paper/presentation
Kirsten Thorpe IFLA World Library and Information Congress

18-23 August

Protocols for libraries and archives in Australia: incorporating Indigenous perspectives in the information field (PDF 122kb)
Renee McGann & Anne Reddacliff Family History Conference; NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies 20-22 September
Researching family history at the State Library of NSW (PPT 4mb)
Sally Hone Biennial National Conference of the Oral History Association of Australia 2013 21-24 September
Documenting extreme weather events: the March 2012 Wagga Wagga floods (PPT 2.8mb) or conference paper (PDF 359kb)
Mylee Joseph LIANZA 2013 20-23 October
Hamilton, New Zealand
Catalysts, innovation and online engagement @SLNSW (PDF 152kb)
Kate Hughes Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) National Conference 23-25 October
Garling Conservator Project 2013: Documenting and treating the TAL & Dai-ichi Life Derby collection of natural history watercolours (PDF 2mb)
Michael Carney with Holger Aman, librarian NSW Law Courts ALIA National Library Technician Symposium 30 October-1 November
Judges, governors and changing libraries (PDF 381kb)
Louise Anemaat Annual Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand Conference 22 November
What you see. And what you get: Investigating a collection of natural history watercolours from the 1790s

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