Mitchell Library Centenary

In 2010 we celebrated the centenary of the opening of the Mitchell Library to the public.

The Mitchell Library is an integral part of the Australian community. Within its collections of books, magazines, letters, paintings, photographs, sound recordings and maps are the stories and memories of Australia.

100 objects for 100 days to celebrate 100 years

To celebrate the Mitchell's centenary, the Library launched a major exhibition, which honoured past traditions in a contemporary setting. The focus of the exhibition was the collections, the essence of any research library.

The exhibition ONE hundred extended for 100 days from 9 March to 16 June 2010, and showcased 100 extraordinary objects. Ever since the Mitchell opened its doors in 1910, its collections have mixed the completely astonishing with the everyday; the biggest names in history and literature with the smallest; the big ideas with the commonplace - a panorama of life itself.

The 100 items on show were chosen because they each tell a remarkable story about an aspect of Australian or Pacific life and, together, show the range and depth of the Mitchell's holdings.

Visit the ONE hundred exhibition website

David Scott Mitchell Memorial Lecture

Award-winning Australian writer Kate Grenville gave the third David Scott Mitchell Memorial Lecture in the magnificent Mitchell Library Reading Room in September, 2010.

Read transcript of Kate Grenville's talk.

Mitchell centenary collection items

Captions (l-r): 1.Prince Giolo c.1692; 2.World Map, 1706; 3. Leverian Museum, London, 1785; 4. Letter from Gov. Phillip, July 1788.

Celebrating the Mitchell Library 2001–2010

Each year in the decade leading up to the Mitchell Library Centenary we have showcased one of the State Library’s magnificent collections.

View the showcased items.

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