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Accessibility for CALD communities

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Readit Air 

Readit Air is an automatic reader that enables instant access to printed documents by converting them to large print and text-to-speech output in over 15 languages.  It is designed to help people with vision impairment and those who have trouble reading.  It works by automatically  scanning a document and identifying the language.  Documents are then captured and read back in a natural voice in just 2-3 seconds.  

Documents can be imported or exported as a PDF, Word file, email or MP3 file and can be read directly in Readit.  

Readit Air is clear and easy to understand. 

Readit Air can read:

Czech German Portuguese
Danish Greek Russian
Dutch Hungarian Spanish
English Italian Swedish
Finnish Norwegian Turkish
French Polish  

You can use Readit Air in the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room.

Mari-Paz Ovidi using the Readit Air in the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room
Reading in Spanish