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About the legal system - Ch 1 | The law...

About the legal system - Ch 1 | The law handbook: your practical guide to the law in New South Wales

The Law Handbook is a practical guide to understanding the law in NSW and the new 13th edition is just out. This chapter of the Handbook is on the legal system and covers:

Fundamental concepts

Common law - statute law - criminal law - civil law - state law - federal law


State courts - federal courts - juries - tribunals and commissions - time limits - appeals - enforcing the law

Legal documents

Agreements and deeds - birth, death and marriage certificates - changing a name - changing a child’s name - statutory declarations - affidavits - justices of the peace - court attendance notice - statement of claim - passports - power of attorney.

Doing legal research

Finding the law - material about the law

Copies of this book are also available in the Find Legal Answers Tool Kit in NSW public libraries - check with your local branch.