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Alcohol-related violence: key sources - new paper published

The NSW Parliamentary Library's paper Alcohol-related violence: key sources will be of interest to readers who are following the responses of the NSW Government to alcohol-related violence, and in particular, to the violent incidents in and around licensed premises that have occurred in recent years.

The paper covers:

  • responses of different political parties to the new legislation introduced by Barry O’Farrell in late January 2014 (for details see our blog post Mandatory minimum sentences introduced to tackle drug and alcohol violence
  • responses of stakeholders such as the Australian Hotels Association, the NSW Police Association, the Last Drinks Campaign
  • reports from NSW Statutory Bodies including the Audit Office and the Sentencing Council
  • statistics from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Reseach
  • policies of the Commonwealth and other state governments on alcohol-related violence
  • policies from overseas – including England and Canada

Alcohol-related violence: key sources by Lenny Roth, NSW Parliamentary Library Research, No 1, 17 February 2014

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