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Arrest, interrogation and bail

Arrest, interrogation and bail

The Law Handbook is a practical guide to understanding the law in NSW and the new 13th edition is just out. It is available online, free and in full text from the Find Legal Answers website. It answers frequently asked questions about the law. Print copies are available for loan - ask at your local NSW public library.

Chapter 4 of the Handbook is on arrest, interrogation and bail, covering:

  • police powers
  • power to give directions
  • powers of search and seizure
  • search warrants
  • arrest - citizen’s arrest - police arrest - resisting arrest
  • detention at the police station
  • police questioning
  • records of interview
  • identification of suspects
  • medical examinations
  • bail - eligibility for bail - bail conditions - breach of bail - appeal from bail decisions

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