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Blog post from Friday, 23 May, 2014

Sexual harassment at work is against the law

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual conduct which is humiliating, offensive, embarrassing or intimidating. It includes things like staring and leering; sexual comments and jokes; inappropriate questions about your private life or your body; sexual or physical contact such as slapping, kissing, touching, hugging and massaging; circulating or displaying emails, texts, posters, magazines and screen savers of a sexual nature.

This image is a poster produced by the Working Women’s Legal Service a specialist service of Women’s Legal Services NSW (WLS NSW) as part of their campaign to raise awareness of discrimination in the workplace. WLS NSW is a community legal centre providing women across NSW with a range of free legal services.

WLS NSW provide specialist legal services relating to domestic and family violence, sexual assault, family law, discrimination, victims support, care and protection, human rights and access to justice.

For information about the law relating to work and employment visit the Find Legal Answers website.