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Blog post from Saturday, 10 May, 2014

Tourist’s sketch map, Penrith to Eskbank, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, 1919 / compiled, drawn and printed at the Department of Lands ; issued by the New South Wales Immigration & Tourist Bureau, Challis House, Sydney.

Covers area from Mount Tootie to Mount Korrowall (now called Mount Solitary), from Bindo Pinch to the Nepean River.

Shows Bell’s Line of Road, other un-named roads, tracks, bridges, trigonometrical stations with height in feet, railway lines with mileage from Sydney, railway stations and altitude in feet, Cox [i.e. Coxs] River, Nepean River, Grose River, creeks, water falls, caves, reserves, mountains, towns, rifle ranges, lookouts and parks.

In upper left corner above the neat line: No. of Lith. 19.91.M.