Blog post from Saturday, 19 September, 2015

On this day, 19th September 1895, American author, Mark Twain began his lecture tour of Australia.

“Mr. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) began a series of lectures in Sydney on September 19. The Protestant Hall, where the lecturer opened, was crowded to its utmost capacity with an audience which was evident had a thorough acquaintance with the books of the humorist.The lecturer talked as he writes, and everyone familiar with his methods of relating a story in print felt quite at home with the American writer. Mr.Clemens received à very hearty welcome from the audience, who repeatedly applauded his ‘lecture,’ which took the form of a chat about himself, illustrated by familiar passages from his books”

Australian Town and Country Journal 28th September 1895.

This account and other newspaper articles about Mark Twain’s visit to Australia can be found on Trove.

The State Library of New South Wales has an extensive newspaper collection including 1700 historical newspaper publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Town and Country Journal.

Early and first editions of his works are also held in the State Library of New South Wales.

Mark Twain, late 1895 / Falk Studios, 496 George Street, Sydney