Blog post from Saturday, 7 June, 2014

Macquarie Collector’s Chest, ca. 1818

One of the Library’s rarest and most beautiful pieces of early 19th century Australiana is the Macquarie Collector’s Chest.

“The chest is constructed of a combination of Australian rosewood found from the Hunter River to the Port Macquarie region of NSW, and red cedar found in NSW coastal regions from the Illawarra to the north. It opens to present a wonderful array of artefacts, specimens, painted panels, and compartments. The artwork on the chest depicts colonial Newcastle and the surrounding areas. It is thought to be the work of Joseph Lycett - a noted convict artist of the period. Lycett was patronised by both Macquarie and Captain James Wallis, Commandant of the secondary penal settlement at Newcastle, north of Sydney.”

You can find out more about this chest at Discover Collections