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Blog post from Sunday, 10 August, 2014

On this day, 10th August 1894, the new Sydney Hospital in Macquarie St, opened. Sydney Hospital is the oldest hospital in Australia.

In 1811, during Governor Macquarie’s term of office, the “Rum Hospital” was built on that site, but the central building of that hospital was demolished in 1879, to make way for a new Victorian Classical Revival building. Due to problems with the budget, the new hospital was not completed until 1894, under a revised plan by John Fitzpatrick.

The Nightingale Wing is the home of the oldest nursing school in Australia. The wing is a picturesque polychrome brick, four storeyed structure (1868-69) built to the design of Thomas Rowe and approved by Florence Nightingale. This gothic revival building became the home of the first nursing school in Australia, and was opened soon after the arrival of Miss Lucy Osburn, who was sent by Miss Nightingale with a team of five nurses from England to reform nursing practice at the hospital.

The State Library of New South Wales holds a range of historic photographs of Sydney Hospital.