Blog post from Thursday, 1 May, 2014


On this day, in April 1770, Captain James Cook in the HM Bark Endeavour, landed at Botany Bay.

Cook, with Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander landed at Kurnell in the afternoon of April 29th in search of fresh water. In the next few days, excursions around the bay were undertaken and samples of native flora collected.

The State Library of New South Wales holds many items relating to this voyage, including Joseph Banks Journal and a copy of James Cook’s Endeavour log

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Fabian who was the archivist at State Records NSW, The Rocks Sydney for many years told a story about a client who asked him to find her family who came to Australia with Captain Cook. Fabian thought that was odd as he didn’t remember Captain Cook leaving anybody behind, however there is always some grain of truth to family legend as Fabian put it. He discovered that the client did indeed come with Captain Cook - the statue of Captain Cook was in the hold of the ship! In the old days that would have taken quite a bit of research to look up the newspapers as they weren’t handily digitised on Trove like they are now.