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Blog post from Thursday, 20 March, 2014

Did you know that there are laws and penalties about motor vehicle noise in NSW?

Vehicle noise includes noise from exhaust systems, engines, horns, brakes and sound systems.

As well as noise control regulations the police can issue penalty notices for breaches of specific Road Rules relating to vehicle noise:

  • Road Rule 224 - requires horns not be used unless it is necessary to warn other road users or animals of the vehicle’s approach, or if the horn is being used as a part of an anti-theft device.
  • Road Rule 291 - requires that a person must not start a vehicle, or drive a vehicle, in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke, e.g. unnecessarily revving a vehicle when it is stationary or repeatedly opening and closing the throttle when the vehicle is in motion. Police officers can also issue three demerit points for this offence.
  • Road Rule NSW, 291-1 - requires that the engine of a stationary vehicle to be turned off to prevent noise, other than for stoppages in traffic or examinations due to engine malfunction.

To find out about how to manage noise from vehicles see the EPA website.