Blog post from Thursday, 26 March, 2015

Town Hall at night, Inauguration of the Australian Commonwealth, Sydney, 1st January 1901, W. A. Gullick, Government Printer on Flickr.

Welcome to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Libraries, the 100th organisation to join Flickr Commons. You can read more about Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Libraries at this blog post

The State Library was the first library in Australia to join Flickr Commons and we would like to thank all those who look at, comment on, tag, add to galleries and reuse images from our extensive photographic collections.

Have a look at Flickr Commons and tag your favourite photographs with #CommonsBest. We hope you find some of our images worthy of this tag.

We encourage you to get involved in the Flickr Commons gallery challenge by creating your own gallery on a topic you’re passionate about. We can’t wait to see who will create the largest gallery from the most institutions on Commons (please note: limit one image per institution).