Blog post from Thursday, 29 May, 2014

Miniature map ‘A Plan of Port Famine 1827’ drawn by Philip Gidley King (the younger) when nine years old, received from Phillip Parker King, 1829, together with explanatory note by Anna Josepha King

Philip Gidley King (1817-1904), pastoralist, was born at Parramatta, eldest son of Captain Phillip Parker King and Harriet King, and grandson of Governor Philip Gidley King (1758-1808) and Anna Josepha King. As a young boy, he sailed in the HMS Adventure under the command of his father on an expedition to survey the southern coast of South America in 1826-1830. The ship entered Port Famine in January 1827 and anchored there until May 1827 while surveys were made of the surrounding area.

This is possibly Philip Gidley King’s earliest map. It was sent by his father, Phillip Parker King, to his grandmother, Anna Josepha King, while still on the surveying expedition. His father’s comments as to the quality and standard of his young son’s cartographic skills are noteworthy as Phillip Parker King is often described as the greatest of the early Australian marine surveyors.