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Blog post from Wednesday, 9 April, 2014

Employment problems - spot the signs!

Are any of these things happening to you:

  • I am paid less than $16.37 an hour
  • I am paid ‘cash in hand’ and don’t get a payslip
  • I am working for a trial period with no pay
  • My boss tells me I am casual but I work the same hours each week
  • I am a permanent worker, but when I work on weekends I am not paid extra
  • I don’t get superannuation
  • I work long hours without any breaks
  • I am given board and lodging for the work I do
  • I have been dismissed and it’s unfair
  • I have been dismissed because I made a complaint to my boss

Then see this guide from Legal Aid NSW for information about your employment rights and how to enforce them.