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A bright young lawyer, the back seat of a car...

A bright young lawyer, the back seat of a car, a bag of white powder and a dream crumbles

This is a high-profile ‘fall from grace’ due to a drug problem, which will obviously have a serious impact on this woman’s future.

Drug and alcohol offences can lead to criminal convictions, commonly for driving offences. A criminal record can have consequences for many areas of life, how much of an effect depends on what the conviction is for, how serious the offence is considered to be and your personal circumstances, such as your area of employment.

Here are some of the areas that can be affected by having a criminal record:

  • employment
  • travel
  • study
  • holding public office
  • voting
  • jury service
  • professional accreditation
  • insurance
  • citizenship
  • residency
  • guardianship.

Tony Trimingham, CEO of Family Drug Support, in an article We Need to Say ‘Know’ to Drugs, points to the risks involved in drug taking and the need to raise awareness of the various circumstances which may increase the risks, following the recent death of a young man at the Defqon 1 music festival.

For more information on drug and alcohol issues visit the drug info website.