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Chart 1. Kerguelen Island, chart of the NE coast of...

Chart 1. Kerguelen Island, chart of the NE coast of the Island of Desolation Dec. 1776

Taken from: Volume 3: Charts from a log of the proceedings of His Majesties Sloop Resolution on discoveries towards the North Pole (James Cook Esqr. Commander) by Henry Roberts, Mate, 1776 - 1779.

Henry Roberts was born in 1757 and entered the Royal Navy at the age of 15 as an able-bodied seaman. He joined HMS Resolution on Captain Cook’s second Pacific voyage (1772-75). On the voyage he revealed his capacities for drawing and became a skilled cartographer. He served as master’s mate on Cook’s third voyage (1776-1780) and was later employed in drawing charts of the voyage for engraving. He died in 1796 of yellow fever whilst captain of the frigate ‘Undaunted’. Kerguelen Archipelago is now part French Administrative Territory and one of the most remote locations in the Southern Hemisphere and Antarctic Regions. The main island of the Archipelago is named La Grande Terre.

DLMSQ 151 has an authenticating note in another hand signed 'Dan Roberts, son to Henry Roberts and retired Captain in the Royal Navy’. Vol. 2 (DLMSQ 152) is bound in rough calf. Both volumes were paginated in the Library. Loose charts found in both volumes were removed and mounted as DLMSF 2.