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On this day in 1856, the first free settlement of...

On this day in 1856, the first free settlement of Norfolk Island was established. This followed the failure of a viable development of the timber industry and the closure of the notorious penal colony in 1855. The first free settlers were mostly Pitcairn Islanders many of who were the descendants of Tahitian Islanders and Bounty Mutineers.

Plan and view of the landing place in Cascade Bay Norfolk Island, 1793 by C. Grimes Depy. Surveyor.

This 1893 facsimile shows includes scaled illustration of “Rolling way to the Store House yard”. It shows: pier, mooring site and location of Barracks and Storehouse as it was circa 1793. Inset: “magnetic north” orientation. Copy watermark: “J. Whatman 1893”.