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Jacobus Scottus - atlas, principally of the Mediterranean, 1592

Jacobus Scottus - atlas, principally of the Mediterranean, 1592

Manuscript portolan atlas on vellum, comprising seven charts. The inscription on the first chart, a map of the world, reads : ‘Jacobus Scottus Genovensi loco levanti me fecisite civitate neapoli anno domini 1592’. The other six charts depict the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, North Africa, Great Britain and Ireland, and the western coast of Europe from Denmark to Spain. The charts show features along the coastlines such as ports, towns, landmarks and navigational hazards. Rhumb lines radiating from a central compass star are colour coded to show prevailing wind directions.

1 volume containing 7 charts, each approx. 36cm. x 23.5cm. - 0.01 Meters. Bequeathed by David Scott Mitchell in 1907. ncludes signature of D.S. Mitchell. Leather cover embossed in gold.