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Latest Additions To Our Website Archive


Since 1826 the library has been collecting books, manuscripts, maps and photos but in mid-2014 we added a new format to the list. This date marks the beginning of our harvesting of New South Wales government websites on a regular basis for the Pandora project. This is a National Library run initiative to selectively collect online publications and websites relating to Australia and Australians and is a great resource for researchers.

Among the latest acquisitions is the Kaldor Public Art Projects website which includes Jonathon Jones' vast sculptural installation stretching across 20,000 square-metres of the Royal Botanic Garden.  

The scale of this digital collecting project is already immense. By mid 2016 the State Library had collected over 61 million documents and 2.5 Terrabytes of data using  Archive-It .  This collection includes material published on NSW Government websites under the * domain and links to other government departments in accordance with the Administrative Arrangements Orders for relevant departments and government agencies. 

Some of the New South Wales based collections that have been archived include:  NSW soccer websites; NSW Local Government Councils, and New South Wales Rail Heritage.

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