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Schoolies celebrations

Schoolies celebrations

Many NSW school leavers are now participating in schoolies celebrations - some within the state, others interstate or overseas. For many, it may be a first taste of independence and adult responsibility. Some may need to deal with issues that they haven’t previously had experience of and these may have legal consequences. Having a great time can quickly be diminished if you end up with a legal problem, or worse, if there’s a risk to your health and safety!

Here are some tips on where to go for help and information…

Drug and alcohol information

The Drug Info @ Your Library website has information on alcohol and other drugs, including an A-Z of drugs which covers descriptions, common side effects and legal issues. There’s a list of schoolies information resources that cover celebrating safely, including a link to the Queensland Government’s schoolies website. National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre has a Schoolies toolbox that covers info on cannabis relevant to schoolies.

There are a range of legal problems that young people can face during schoolies celebrations. Here are some examples:

  • illegal supply of alcohol
  • drug related offences
  • violent behaviour
  • public disorder offences
  • sexual assaults
  • property damage
  • accommodation rental contracts

For NSW laws, you can find information on the Find Legal Answers website.

If you are going to Queensland, check the Queensland Government Schoolies website - some laws may be different, for example, 17 year-olds are treated as adults in the Queensland criminal justice system.

Overseas travel

If you are travelling overseas, you need to be aware of the laws in the country you are visiting - they are likely to be different to NSW laws. The Commonwealth Government Smart Traveller website has a section for schoolies. It has loads of helpful advice on staying safe, and has information on issues you may not know can be a problem.