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Sentencing in NSW

Sentencing in NSW

The Judicial Commission of NSW has released a report called Sentencing in NSW: A cross-jurisdictional comparison of full-time imprisonment. The study compares sentencing levels in NSW with those in other jurisdictions in Australia (particularly Victoria and Queensland) and overseas. It focuses on five specific offence categories:

  • sexual assault
  • child sexual assault
  • dangerous/culpable driving causing death
  • robbery
  • break and enter/burglary.

The study focuses primarily on the penalty option of full-time imprisonment. The findings in this study show that sentences for a range of serious offences in NSW are among the most severe across the eastern seaboard states of Australia. Despite some small differences in statutory maximum penalties (and putting to one side partially suspended sentences), NSW had higher full-time imprisonment rates than Queensland and Victoria for all five offence categories examined; and longer median head sentences than both Queensland and Victoria for the offences of child sexual assault, robbery, and break, enter/burglary.

You can read the executive summary for more detail.

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