Frederick McCubbin

A Gleam of light

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About this item: 

This view by McCubbin is set in the valley below McCubbin’s Mount Macedon home, Fontaineleau. It depicts a scene looking north-west from Mount Macedon with the late rays of sun filtering through the trees onto cattle grazing. “As in many of his paintings of the bush, the undergrowth in the foreground has been painted, and when dried, smoothed back with pumice stone and then repainted so that the warmth and glow of the first layer of paint highlights the paint on the surface” (Sotheby's). This painting reflects emerging, Edwardian, approaches to landscape painting. It is an important representation of the way Australians could conceive of, and engage with, their environment which was not all about harsh lights and blue skies. Reference: Sale catalogue, Sotheby’s Australia, November 1993, lot 265.