Edward Hammond Hargraves

Letter to William Northwood, 16 February, 1851, page 1


Prima Castra Arouya
Goyong Die Saturni
My Dear Sir
In my last dated 22th inst you were informed I was about to proceed into the wilderness on my mission.The following day I did so and be it remembered on the memorable day To Wit on the 12th day of February in the year of our Lord – one thousand eight hundred and fifty one I did at my “Prima Castra”  on Arouya  Goyong in the very first bowl bowl   of earth  washed – discover “Gold” amalgamated with the earth precisely in the same way in which it is in California - Mexico –Chilli – Peru and South America hence I claim the right of discovery You will of course keep this letter as an important document – I knew I was in gold country 70 miles before I made this discovery but being no water I could not try the earth and being near a sheep station expecting the sheep to drink I did not further disturb the earth but carefully put up my 5 little specks or grains away – I am now perfectly