Author talk: Living the 1960s

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Living the 1960s

Noeline Brown in Conversation

The sixties was a decade of safari suits, shift dresses, capri pants and droopy moustaches. Of multi-purpose French onion soup, junket, tripe and Bloody Marys. Of success on the world’s sporting stage and social and political stirrings at home, as Baby Boomers and their parents began to see the world differently. Much-loved actor Noeline Brown cut a groovy figure in the sixties and now, with her trademark dry sense of humour and storyteller’s gift, Noeline comes to the Library to talk about her new book Living the 1960s. Noeline Brown is an award-winning actor and doyenne of Australian show business. She came to national prominence on the set of the satirical Mavis Bramston Show in 1964, building a career both in comedy and as a renowned dramatic actor in sitcoms, films, radio shows and plays. She has stood twice as a candidate in NSW state elections and was appointed Australia’s first Ambassador for Ageing.

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