International Mother Language Day 2017

Past Event

Saturday, 18 February 2017 - 10am to 1pm

A free seminar to celebrate and promote awareness of linguistic diversity.  The seminar will explore the loss and preservation of languages and the advantages of acquiring a second language.


Welcome to the State Library 

Overview, importance and global perspective of International Mother Language Day (IMLD)
Dr Rattan Kundu, MLC representative

Preservation of Australian Indigenous Languages
Ms Melissa Jackson, Indigenous Services, State Library of NSW

Community Participation to Combat the Global Alarming trend of Language Endangerment
Prof Ghil’ad Zuckermann, The University of Adelaide

The Advantage of Learning a Language for Brain Development
Dr Ken Cruickshank, Associate Professor University of Sydney

SBS Language National Competition
Ms Mandi Wicks, Director Audio and Language Content, SBS Radio

Language and Identity
Dr Britta Jensen, Marist College

NSW Federation of Education Community Language Schools
Mr Alex Di Prinzio, Education Officer

Language Festival Association
Dr Rainer Kurz, Language Festival Association

Global needs for MLC Movement to protect endangered Mother Languages
Mr N I Khan, MOEducation BD

Our Future Plan/Program
Ms Oriana Acevedo, State Library of NSW

Concluding remarks
Mr Nirmal Paul, MLC Movement International

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