Laughter in the Library: I Married a Witch

Past Event

Sunday, 15 January 2017 - 2pm to 3:15pm

Laughter in the Library: I Married a Witch

1942, 77 minutes  

Australian premiere of the digitally restored edition with soundtrack.

Veronica Lake casts a seductive spell as a charmingly vengeful sorceress in this supernatural screwball classic. Many centuries after cursing the male descendants of the Salem puritan who sent her to the stake, this blonde bombshell with a broomstick finds herself drawn to one of them—a prospective governor  about to marry a spoiled socialite .

Laughter in the Library series includes the following:

  1. I Married a Witch - Sunday January 15
  2. To Be or Not To Be - Sunday January 22
  3. The Happiest Days of your Life - Sunday January 29
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