Launch into Library Research - Family History Building Blocks

Past Event

Wednesday, 9 May 2018 - 10am to 3:30pm

Family history research can be addictive! It starts innocently with a family story and becomes a search and rescue mission for the relevant document. Family History Librarians will show you how to get started and where to look for the key documents to start your journey.

The program includes the following sessions:

Tour of the State Library of NSW website
An overview of the Library's Family History research guides that can help you plan your visit and inform your research.

Birth, Death & Marriage records
Learn about the main places to look for Australian records and the surprising amount of information that may be available.

A hands-on introduction to Ancestry Library Edition with an overview of the type of records available and advice on how best to search.

Shipping & Passenger records
How did you ancestor arrive in Australia? This session will provide an overview of the different types of passengers and where to look for information about their voyage.

Ten Tips for Research Success
(Presented by the Society of Australian Genealogists)
This session will look at, record organisation, how not to reinvent the wheel, how not to wear blinkers, charting, research strategies, how to deal with brick walls, online accuracy and more.

There will be a lunchbreak between 12.30-1.30. Please bring your own lunch, or there are a number of food outlets nearby, including Café Trim at the Library.

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