Let the Movies Begin Series with Georges Méliès

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Saturday, 13 January 2018 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Let the Movies Begin Series with Georges Méliès

Digital restoration of a classic film with live music.


Baron Munchausen’s Dream (1911)

This fantasy-comedy is one of the later works of "trick film" pioneer Georges Méliès, who started production in 1896 and made literally hundreds of these charming little movies before his career foundered in 1914. For viewers familiar with his style, Baron Munchhausen's Dream (as it was known in the U.S.) presents a number of the director's characteristic touches, while for newcomers it may serve as a succinct digest of the special effects and comic motifs he had perfected during his fifteen years of film-making, rather like a cinematic medley of Georges' Greatest Hits.

The Conquest of the Pole (1912)

Directed by and starring Georges Méliès the film, loosely inspired by contemporary events and by Jules Verne's Voyages Extraordinaires, follows the comic misadventures of an international group of explorers on an expedition to the North Pole, where they encounter a man-eating frost giant and a dangerous magnetic needle. The Conquest of The Pole is similar to several of Méliès earlier adventure films except this film is much longer than most. As a result, many viewers claim this film is not quite as good as the others due to the padding of some scenes, especially the flying to the North Pole sequence when the aircraft passes constellation after constellation. The aircraft, though crude and ridiculously unrealistic, is synonymous with the backdrop/sets and other effects in the film.


The Golden pass ticket includes entry to the following ‘Let the Movies Begin’ sessions:

1. Georges Méliès – Saturday Jan 13th, 10:30am
2. Alice Guy Blaché, D W Griffith and The Keystone Cops – Saturday Jan 13th, 12pm
3. D W Griffith – Saturday Jan 13th, 2pm

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