Love Between the Covers

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Saturday, 6 August 2016 - 1pm to 4pm

Romance fiction outsells all other genres of writing, from crime to science fiction, combined. So why is the genre so often dismissed as frivolous "scribble"? Join us for a screening of Love Between the Covers, a documentary that offers fascinating insights into the history and popularity of this female-centric literary world. A funny and inspiring look into a billion dollar industry that turns up trailblazers who push the discussion on gender, race, sexuality and diversity at the front lines of the biggest power shift in publishing. 

Following the film screening, Prof. Catherine M. Roach, a Fulbright Fellow and a gender and cultural studies scholar at the University of Alabama, will explore why this genre has such a grip on readers and what we can learn from the romance novel.

Catherine Roach head shotProf. Catherine M. Roach is a New College professor of cultural studies and gender studies at the University of Alabama.  She has over two decades of teaching, research, and publication experience on gendered fantasy spaces in American popular culture.

Catherine Roach also writes historical romance fiction under the pen name Catherine LaRoche; her first e-novel Master of Love was published by Simon & Schuster in 2012 and Knight of Love followed in 2014.

Her academic books include an analysis of the environment as Mother Nature and an examination of exotic dance and striptease culture.

In Catherines most recently published book entitled Happily Ever After, she writes about becoming a romance novelist in a book about how the story of romance — “find your one true love” — is the most powerful narrative at work in popular culture. 

Roach won the Romance Writers of America Academic Research Grant in 2009 and the Fulbright–University of Leeds Distinguished Chair Award in 2013–14.

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