Free Movies on Macquarie

Enjoy free movies from the extensive film and documentary collection of the State Library of New South Wales. The movies are screened regularly on Thursdays at 12.00 in the Metcalfe Auditorium, Macquarie Street Wing.

Movies or dates may be subject to change. Up to date information can be found on our website or by calling our bookings officer on 9273 1770. 

Videos screened are available for viewing in the State Reference Library or for viewing in your local library through interlibrary loan.

Romeo and Juliet

Wednesday 23 April, 12.30 PM

Movie: Romeo + Juliet Film Screening

Baz Luhrmann’s modern classic unfolds with its heart on its sleeve and guns ablaze. In this dazzling adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic love story, OSCAR® Nominee Leonardo DiCaprio stars opposite Claire Danes. They light up the screen as the original star-crossed lovers against a thumping soundtrack and a boldly imagined modern-day setting.
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Thursday 24 April, 12.00 PM

Movie: Movies on Macquarie: The Tracker

Set in the Australian outback in 1922, this film tells the story of three white men who use an Indigenous tracker to pursue a fugitive. Through massacre and murder the hunt continues, until clear-cut notions of truth and justice are subverted and the questions become not, will the fugitive be caught, but what is black and what is white and who is leading whom?
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Thursday 8 May, 12.00 PM

Movie: Movies on Macquarie: The Digger

To commemorate Anzac Day 2011, the History Channel followed the trails of Australian soldiers across old battlefields.

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