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The Other Hollywoods: The Moth of Moonbi & Greenhide (Fragments)

Past Event

Monday, 17 April 2017 - 11am to 12:15pm

The Other Hollywoods: The Moth of Moonbi & Greenhide (Fragments)

Digital restoration of silent film with live music

A  double feature presentation of pioneering filmmaker Charles Chauvel’s first two films - The Moth of Moonbi and Greenhide - both produced in 1926, are among Australia’s first silent film productions and together expertly explore the great social divide between rural and city life.

The Moth of Moonbi

1926, 33 mins

The story of a country girl, Dell Ferris, drawn to the bright lights of the big city where her inheritance is soon frittered away through high society revelling



1926, 37 mins

The film’s heroine, leaves a life of luxury in the city to go bush to Walloon, her retired father’s cattle property run by the notorious “Greenhide” Gavin

The Other Hollywoods series includes the following:

  1. Whirlpool of Fate – Saturday April  15, 11am
  2. Berlin, Symphony of a City – Saturday April  15, 2pm
  3. The Moth of Moonbi & Greenhide – Monday April 17, 11am
  4. The Ghost That Never Returns – Monday April 17, 2pm


** Gold pass tickets to all 4 Easter film sessions can also be purchased through the “book now” button

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