Scholarly Musings: The Life and Death of Oliver Bainbridge

Past Event

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 - 11am to 12pm

The Life and Death of Oliver Bainbridge

Frank Nelson (‘Oliver Bainbridge’) was the son of a bush schoolmaster who claimed descent from Horatio Nelson. After an early indiscretion he changed his name, becoming Oliver Bainbridge, ‘explorer and anthropologist’. He supported himself by giving public lectures and writing books on India, China and Japan. Heavily involved in Balkan politics from 1913, he wrote propaganda pamphlets during World War I. His apparent assassination in 1922 by the IRA was ‘hushed up’ by the then NSW Premier. After years of personal research, a collaboration between Edwin Wilson and Patricia Wightley began in 1995. They pooled resources, which with material from America and TROVE enabled a detailed account of Bainbridge’s amazing life.

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