Silent Film Festival, Silver Screen Tribute: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Past Event

Sunday, 13 March 2016 - 2pm to 4pm

Silver Screen Tribute 1939 Golden Year:  The Hunchback of Notre Dame (sound film)
RKO Radio Pictures, 1939, 117 minutes

In 15th century France, a gypsy girl is framed for murder by the infatuated Chief Justice, and only the deformed bell ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral can save her. Directoed by William Dieterle and the staggering talents of Oscar winning Charles Laughton.

* Please note that the film version and description used in the What's On, Page 23, was advertsied in error. We apologise for any inconvinience caused.

Silver Screen Tribute Package includes tickets to the following:

  1. Dodge City - Sunday February 28
  2. Ninotchka   - Sunday March 6
  3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Sunday March 13

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