Silents in the Library: The General

Past Event

Sunday, 27 November 2016 - 2pm to 3:15pm

Silents in the Library: The General

1926, 75 Minutes

With live music.

Much more than simply a comedy, The General is also a great action adventure epic and an impressive historic costume drama depicting a real event of the American Civil War. In 1862, a military raid took place that involved causing as much damage as possible to the vital railroad section in the southern states, while other locomotives chased the one being commandeered by the Union Army.

This historic event is faithfully re-enacted in this most entertaining and enjoyable light comedy in which Buster plays a steam train engineer who finds himself in the situation of driving an engine by himself through enemy territory.

Silents in the Library series includes the following:

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  5. The General - Sunday November 27
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