Talk: History, Her Story, Our Story

Past Event

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

History, Her Story, Our Story

With Gay Hendriksen

Colonial convict women coming to Australia had been experiencing and witnessing failed revolution, insurrection and oppression on a grand scale. In Britain, they were choosing to thieve to feed their children, kill British soldiers to defend themselves, and break machines in defence of jobs. When an opportunity presented itself in a drone existence, they took it.

They were then dragged across the planet and away from all that was familiar to work at the Parramatta Female Factory. Some thrived, some rioted and some just couldn’t cope. The voices of these women are ones to be recognized and drawn into the larger narratives of Australian history. This history, her story, is our story.

In this 200th anniversary year, hear about these women and the receptacle that contained their stories - the Parramatta Female Factory (commissioned by Governor Macquarie designed by Francis Greenway).  Make up your own mind about these women.


Gay Hendriksen has worked in museums and galleries for the last 25 years in the roles of director, curator and educator. She has specialised in women’s history within Australian cultural heritage and has researched and developed 50 art, cultural and social history exhibitions, from Colonial times to the present. She is President of the Parramatta Female Factory Friends.

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