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Walkley Media Talk: Open season on journalists

Past Event

Thursday, 20 April 2017 - 6pm to 7:30pm

Around the world more than 3000 media workers have been slain in targeted killings and cross-fire incidents since 1990 - 93 were killed just last year. In many countries a culture of impunity means killers literally get away with murder. And now, largely thanks to a new US president and his Twitter account, we’re seeing that it’s not only open season on journalists, but journalism itself.

In a special discussion as the Walkleys and MEAA campaign for press freedom, our panel discuss the dangers of dismissing dissent as “fake news”, the contempt, disrespect and attacks on journalists spreading like a virus. They’ll also talk about pressing legal issues in Australia -- protections for whistleblowers and the journalists who tell their stories, and suppression orders and defamation laws muzzling the press from reporting on the powerful and privileged -- and the dangers in our Asia-Pacific region.


  • Richard Ackland AM, journalist, publisher and lawyer
  • Fran Kelly, ABC RN Breakfast
  • Jane Worthington, IFJ Asia Pacific
  • Katelin McInerney, MEAA (moderator)


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