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Walkley Media Talk - Under cloak & data: Press freedom in Australia

Past Event

Thursday, 14 April 2016 - 6pm to 7pm

Under cloak & data: Press freedom in Australia

A free press is the backbone of a democratic society, but in times of terror journalists can become a target, and government transparency can be sacrificed for security concerns. In Australia we might not see open violence against our media, but in recent years there have been increasing pressures to silence reporting and force journalists to expose confidential sources. How can journalists report on asylum seekers when access to detention centres is denied? How can they protect whistleblowers when whistleblowing can now incur a two year prison sentence? What are the state of shield laws, and how can reporters maintain data security amidst metadata reform and the growing surveillance state? Join our panel of experts as they look for answers to these questions, and discuss the future of a free press.

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