Workshop with Jules Faber


Tuesday, 9 October 2018 - 10am to 11am


  • Bookings essential: $6.25

Price includes fees.


Macquarie St

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Award winning artist Jules Faber will lead a one hour workshop to inspire and delight the budding artist in all of us. Jules has illustrated over 14 kids' books including Anh Do's WeirDo series, David Warner's Kaboom Kid series, Michael Pryor's Leo Da Vinci series and Damean Posner's Helix series.

Jules says: I don't really hold 'How to draw' classes. I feel that teaching someone how I draw something is like teaching someone how to copy a sentence I've written. I believe in the unique voice each individual possesses. So, I teach the tools that allow the individual to walk to the path themselves. It results in a much more satisfactory appreciation of drawing and writing and a faster means of growing the skillset. We still draw, but no one's copying a robotic way to draw a fish, say. Instead, they learn how to see a fish and draw it for themselves.

$5.00 per participant
Bookings essential
Suitable for 5 - 12 years

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