Here and Now: Waterloo

Exhibition Date

Saturday 3 March 2018 to Sunday 17 June 2018



Opening Hours

  1. Today
    1. 9am to 8pm
  2. Tomorrow
    1. 9am to 8pm
  3. Thursday
    1. 9am to 8pm
  4. Friday
    1. 9am to 5pm
  5. Saturday
    1. 10am to 5pm
  6. Sunday
    1. 10am to 5pm
  7. Monday
    1. 9am to 8pm


The photographs taken by Fiona Wolf-Symeonides of the Waterloo area capture it as it is about to change, documenting the people, streetscapes and buildings.

In 2015 the NSW Government announced plans to redevelop the suburbs of Waterloo and Redfern, areas with a dense concentration of public housing buildings. The plans include demolishing the existing housing (including the twin towers Matavai and Turanga, formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1977). Photographer Fiona Wolf-Symeonides has documented the people, streetscapes and buildings in the lead up to the change. The photographs, recently acquired by the Library, highlight the diversity of the community, and the individuals and families who call Waterloo home.
Level 1, Macquarie St building

A colour photograph of a man wearing an old santa hat walking down a grafitied urban street.

Raglan Street, Waterloo, Sydney, 2017, Fiona Wolf-Symeonides

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