The Magic Pudding: Celebrating 100 years

Exhibition Date

Saturday 29 September 2018 to Sunday 24 February 2019



Opening Hours

  1. Monday
    1. 9am to 8pm
  2. Tuesday
    1. 9am to 8pm
  3. Wednesday
    1. 9am to 8pm
  4. Thursday
    1. 9am to 8pm
  5. Friday
    1. 9am to 5pm
  6. Saturday
    1. 10am to 5pm
  7. Sunday
    1. 10am to 5pm


Awaken childhood memories from this iconic tale. 

In October 2018 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of one of Australia’s best-known children’s books, The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay. 

This display includes reproductions of original drawings from the book’s first edition in 1918, alongside watercolours produced in 1959 for The Magic Pudding puppet show. 

A small selection of Lindsay’s original drawings will also be on view in the Amaze Gallery from 6 October.

Awaken childhood memories with Lindsay’s familiar drawings and the accompanying excerpts from this iconic tale. 

Illustration of a penguin in trousers, a man with a beard and koala wearing a suit (who is holding up a pudding with legs and a face and basin hat).

Illustration from The Magic Pudding, being the adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and his friends Bill Barnacle & Sam Sawnoff (detail), Norman Lindsay, published by Angus & Robertson

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