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Planting Dreams: Grand Garden Designs

Exhibition Date

Saturday 3 September 2016 to Monday 17 April 2017



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‘I always enjoy photographing gardens because nature provides you with compositions that are truly unique … The challenge is to take the audience there via a photograph, so they feel they have a genuine understanding of the garden.’ 

Photographer, Nicholas Watt, 2016

Hand written text states: Planting Dreams, set within a circle of watercolour shapes of leaves.


This exhibition showcases the creativity and passion of some of Australia’s leading landscape designers through a series of specially commissioned photographs of larger, innovative private and public gardens in NSW. The gardens are ‘grand’ in the sense that they are the result of an enormous passion, vision and determination on the part of both the owners and designers to create something out of the ordinary. The photographs, taken by some of our leading garden photographers, capture the essence of contemporary landscape design across the state. 


A photograph of a garden. Flowers and a lake sit in the foreground, with lush green grass backing onto a dry paddock in the background.


Lead designer: Carolyn Robinson

Photographer: Nicholas Watt

GLENROCK, Lead designer: Carolyn Robinson, Photographer: Nicholas Watt
A photograph of a bathtub sitting in a garden, surrounded by plants and grasses. The ocean can be seen beyond the garden and the edge of a house sits in the left of the image.


Lead designer: Daniel Baffsky, others

Photographer: Sue Stubbs

HERMITAGE, Lead designer: Daniel Baffsky, Photographer: Sue Stubbs
A photograph of a large metal sculpture of interlocking circles stacked vertically. The sculpture sit in a garden, with a house in the background.

Nestor Farm

Lead designers: John Curtis & Marin Martinelli

Photographer: Murray Fredericks

NESTOR FARM, Lead designers: John Curtis & Marin Martinelli, Photographer: Murray Fredericks
A photograph of a garden of low bushes with mountains in the distance.

Eagles Bluff

Lead designer: Carolyn Robinson

Photographer: Nicholas Watt

EAGLES BLUFF, Lead designer: Carolyn Robinson, Photographer: Nicholas Watt
A photograph of a public park - two fig trees frame the image, people walk through the park and multi-story buildings appear in the background.

Prince Alfred Park

Lead designer: Sue Barnsley

Photographer: Sue Stubbs

PRINCE ALFRED PARK, Lead designer: Sue Barnsley, Photographer: Sue Stubbs


Lead designer: Hugh Main

Photographer: Murray Fredericks

OORALBA, Lead designer: Hugh Main, Photographer: Murray Fredericks

Grand Garden Designs: Exhibition Film

Meet some of the people behind the magnificent gardens captured in Planting Dreams: Grand Garden Designs

Grand Garden Designs: Q&A

A quick Q&A with key contributors to this beautiful photographic display. 

The modern garden

Outstanding gardens are revealed by leading photographers in a new exhibition.

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