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We exist to inspire understanding of the world through quality photojournalism.

In February this year, the 59th annual World Press Photo contest was judged and a photograph by Australian photographer Warren Richardson was selected as the World Press Photo of the Year 2015.

Richardson’s picture shows refugees crossing the border from Serbia into Hungary, near Horgoš (Serbia) and Röszke (Hungary). Taken on 28 August 2015, this man and child were part of the movement of people seeking to cross into Hungary before a secure fence on the border was completed.

Richardson, a freelance photographer currently based in Budapest, explained how the picture was made:

I camped with the refugees for five days on the border. A group of about 200 people arrived, and they moved under the trees along the fence line. They sent women and children, then fathers and elderly men first. I must have been with this crew for about five hours and we played cat and mouse with the police the whole night. I was exhausted by the time I took the picture. It was around three o’clock in the morning and you can’t use a flash … because I would just give them away. So I had to use the moonlight alone.

World Press Photo of the Year honours the photographer whose visual creativity and skills made a picture that captures or represents an event or issue of great journalistic importance in the last year. It was judged by an independent jury of 18 internationally recognised photojournalists and documentary photography professionals from 16 countries using a new code of ethics and a transparent and rigorous verification process.

World Press Photo, the Library’s most popular guest exhibition, receives support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and is sponsored worldwide by Canon. The exhibition has been brought to Sydney by Canon Australia.

A black and white photograph showing a man passing a baby under a razor wire fence to a person waiting on the other side.

World Press Photo of the Year 2015

Warren Richardson, Australia, 2015, Hope for a New Life

A man passes a baby through the fence at the Serbia–Hungary border in Röszke, Hungary, 28 August 2015.

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