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Guilty Your Honour: going to court on a drink driving charge

Guilty Your Honour: going to court on a drink driving charge

Guilty your honour: representing yourself in NSW local courts when charged with drink driving.  3rd ed  Cover

by Helen Walsh.
3rd edition, Walsh Publishing, 2006.

A practical guide to defending a drink driving charge. Examines the offence and penalties, whether to plead guilty, whether to get a lawyer, how to prepare for court, and what happens on the day of court.



Chapter one


This new edition takes into account important legislative and judicial determinations on driving and alcohol.

Chapter two


In 2005 there were in excess of 26,500 appearances for alcohol related driving offences in New South Wales Local Courts. Despite increases in penalties and the introduction of a number of Traffic Offender Programs (TOP) around the state, the number of people charged with alcohol related driving offences continues to increase each year and many of the defendants have a prior record that includes an alcohol related driving offence.

Chapter three

The offence

Explains the five most common charges: high range PCA, mid range PCA, low range PCA, special range PCA and novice range PCA. Common penalties such as fines, bond, community service, imprisonment or disqualification periods.

Chapter four

Should I plead guilty?

Checklist to help you decide if it is appropriate to plead guilty to a drink driving charge.

Chapter five

Do I need a lawyer?

Information about when you should consult a lawyer.


Material reproduced from Guilty Your Honour: Representing yourself in New South Wales Local Courts when charged with drink driving, 3rd edition, by Helen Walsh. Published by Walsh Publishing, Lismore Australia. Reproduced with permission.

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