Further information

Law Access Online

LawAccess NSW offers a free telephone advice service for people needing assistance with a legal problem in NSW. Call 1300 888 529 or visit the Law Access NSW website for information further information.

Local courts in New South Wales

See the Local Courts website to find contact details for all local courts in New South Wales.

Law Society of New South Wales

For referrals to solicitors anywhere in New South Wales, and in particular for accredited specialists in Criminal Law:

Law Society of New South Wales
170 Philip St
Sydney NSW 2000

State Debt Recovery

For information on the penalites for non payment of fines contact the Office of State Revenue - State Debt Recovery on 1300 138 118

For a list of Community Legal Centres, Legal Aid Offices and Aboriginal Legal Services in New South Wales, see the Find Legal Answers Legal Advice Guide.

Community Offender Services, Probation and Parole Services

See the Community offender services (Corrective Services NSW) for a full list of contact details for district and regional offices in New South Wales.