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Can I see the will?

Certain people may be eligible to see the will before probate is granted.

Those people who are eligible include:

  • any person named or referred to in the will, whether as a beneficiary or not
  • any person named or referred to in an earlier will as a beneficiary
  • the surviving spouse, de facto partner (same or opposite sex) or children of the deceased person
  • a parent or guardian of the deceased person
  • any person who would be entitled to a share of the estate of the deceased person if the deceased person had died intestate (see Who is eligible to inherit if there is no will?)
  • any person (including a creditor) who may have a claim against the estate of the deceased person.

For the complete list see Succession Act 2006, section 54.

If you apply to inspect or obtain a copy of the will it must be at your own expense.