Indigenous Services for public libraries

Indigenous Spaces in Library Places

Building a vibrant public library network inclusive of Indigenous peoples and communities

This strategy has been developed to provide guidance for public libraries across NSW. 

Our goal is to create interest and awareness on the way libraries across the state can engage and support Indigenous peoples and communities. 

Our main objectives:



Create welcoming and trusted environments for Indigenous peoples in library spaces. 


Encourage the public library network to support, share and engage with Indigenous peoples in their local area. 


Share stories and build knowledge of local Indigenous history and culture. 


Develop strategies to include and support Indigenous Australian employment across the public library network.


 Build vibrant collections and services that are shaped by Indigenous needs and aspirations. 


Inspire collaborative relationships among the public library network to share information on Indigenous services. 


Build the profile of the NSW public library network in relation to Indigenous services.


Watch this space because we are working to grow resources for the network to learn, build and share Indigenous services and collections!

Contact Indigenous Services to share the work of your library. We want to hear from you!



Indigenous Spaces in Library Places

A Strategy to assist public libraries in developing services for the...

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